Hello there! Thank you so much for visiting the Yoga Mandala Studio website. We hope that you will really take the time to explore our website and see the things that we offer.

The Yoga Mandala Studio was established by Angela Smith. Angela is a yoga enthusiast and licensed yoga instructor. In 2012, she went around India in order to refine her craft and perfect her yoga poses. While in India, she travelled all over the country in order to learn from different instructors and even consulted the traditional yoga practitioners and experts. Since she was there for 18 months, she even tried all the traditional yoga poses and consulted the traditional and ancient texts.

Angela also studied the yogi diet. She learned how to prepare meals that will complement the yoga practice and are in fact recommended by her Indian instructors. At the same time, she also learned how to do massages that she could practice.

When Angela went back to Milwaukee, that was when she founded the Yoga Mandala Studio. She wanted to make sure that the people of Milwaukee has the platform to really learn the craft. She wanted to make sure that Milwaukee is given a chance to learn from certified instructors. As such, she hired people who have the experience and the expertise to really teach yoga.

Angela’s most important advocacy is the practice of Pre-Natal Yoga. This is something that she really brought to Milwaukee because she knew the benefits of yoga to expectant mothers. It could help ease the pregnancy and delivery of soon to be moms. At the same time, it can also help them post-pregnancy in terms of bouncing back, losing weight and improving the overall condition of their health.

We sincerely hope that you can visit our studio soon and take advantage of the yoga classes that we offer.